The Hotel Sammaritani is located in the north of Rimini in Torre Pedrera and is about 7 km from the historic center. It is very similar to the city in which it is located: it gives a feeling of unique wellness, where you can relax and take a nap on the beach but if you want you will find a lot of things to do and to visit nearby, not only in Rimini but also in the surroundings.

Children are welcome to the Romagna coast: they will be enthusiastic by the colors and the many opportunities for fun to in Rimini and surroundings. For example, the center of Rimini is particularly suggestive and alive in all periods of the year but the whole Adriatic coast is full of a special charm: called also Riviera dei Parchi, it offers many amusement parks: you will find aquariums, dolphinariums, water parks, fun playgrounds for adults and children. The inland roads are perfect for bicycle lovers: there are so many proposals to spend an alternative day at the sea and at the beach with the whole family..

Not only culture and moments of amusement for children but also lots of fun: the Romagna coast has always been known for its social life, for numerous nightclubs in exclusive and truly unique locations, populated by thousands of young people in summer but also in winter.

Here are the places not to be missed in the surroundings of Rimini and in the rich hinterland that distinguishes our Region.

Rimini and surroundings

Italia in miniatura (distance: 5 minutes)

Over 270 fascinating scale reproductions of the most beautiful monuments in Italy and in Europe. An opportunity to spend an original day discovering our artistic and cultural heritage.

Mirabilandia (distance: 35 minutes)

Mirabilandia is the largest amusement park in Romagna and offers many attractions for adults and children. Rich in green areas, picnics and shops, it is the ideal atmosphere for the whole family.

Fiabilandia (distanza: 20 minuti)

Fiabilandia is a park dedicated to children. Giostra dei Cavalli, Valle degli Gnomi, Borgo Magico, Castello di Merlino, Baia di Peter Pan and many live shows will cheer up your holidays on the Riviera.

Aquafan in Riccione (distance: 25 minutes)

The most famous water park in Italy wait you with its slides, its pools and its waves. Many events scheduled with entertainment, music and shows to load your summer with adrenaline.

Oltremare (distance: 25 minutes)

Oltremare is a wonderful educational park for all ages. In a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, you will be in contact with nature, deepen your knowledge on animals, history of the planet and sea.

Park Le Navi di Cattolica (distance: 35 minutes)

It is the largest water park in the Adriatic. The Aquarium of Cattolica offers its visitors the opportunity to closely observe predators of the sea such as sharks, but also penguins, turtles, jellyfish and piranhas. There is also an area entirely dedicated to exotic animals.

Hinterland of Romagna coast

If you are not only passionate for the sea, move a few kilometers and discover a wonderful Romagna hinterland with its castles, fortresses and medieval villages full of charm. Just to name a few: Montebello, Santarcangelo, San Marino, San Leo and Gradara.

Gradara (distance: 35 minutes)

Classic ancient village, enclosed by a long city wall where the imposing scenographic castle, superb example of military architecture, completes the medieval center. The Fortress was finished by the Malatesta between 1307 and 1325 and later restored several times. Legend has it that, exactly in Gradara, Casa Malatesta has lived the tragedy of love of Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante: “La bocca mi baciò tutta tremante…”

San Marino (distance: 35 minutes)

At 750 meters of height, in the oldest and smallest Sovereign State of the world that has maintained its freedom and independence for centuries, we are already abroad. On the Mount Titano stand out its three towers, (the Guaita, the Cesta and the Montale) symbol of the Republic that boasts, among the many glories, a remarkable history and philatelic and numismatic tradition, highly appreciated all over the world.

Santarcangelo di Romagna (distance: 10 minutes)

A door to the past, a country a little special, a pearl in the Valmarecchia “of the poets”: this is Santarcangelo! And it is here that the poets of the “Circal de giudeizi” are found, together with their founder Tonino Guerra. Rocca Malatesta, Convento dei Cappuccini, the 19th century fish shop, the Arco and the Piazza dedicated to Pope Ganganelli, the “mysterious” caves made of tuff and the craft shops of wrought iron and the rust print of the paintings.

Montebello Castle (distance: 35 minutes)

Montebello is one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses in Romagna. The castle has the peculiarity of setting down its foundations right on the peak of a mountain. The “Mons Belli” that translated from the Latin means Mount of the war, was the destination of many assaults, starting from the Malatesta in 1186. After about 200 years the Montefeltro conquered it and the fortress remained under their control until 1438 when The lord of the Malatesta Sigismondo Pandolfo reconquered it. Nowadays, the owners of the castle of Montebello are the Guidi di Bagno family, subdued by Pope Pius II in 1463.

San Leo (distance: 50 minutes)

In the heart of Valmarecchia, on a hill of 600 meters, there is San Leo, historical capital of the Montefeltro. In addition to the Fortezza, the Pieve and the Duomo, San Leo is also known for that mysterious and fascinating character that was the Count “alchemist” Cagliostro, imprisoned in the Forte and died in 1795.

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