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Our restaurant with organic cuisine in Rimini!

Enter into a relaxed atmosphere and try our homemade Romagna cuisine with natural and regional products.

Breakfast buffet, healthy and refined menu of meat and fish.

Local food, only of high quality, for a healthy stay. The restaurant of Hotel Sammaritani in Torre Pedrera Rimini offers an organic cuisine always based on different and innovative recipes that will satisfy your palate and will keep you at the table.

The tradition of Romagna also inspires us at the table, where we always bring a kitchen of the highest level, starting from the early hours of the day. You will find a rich and copious breakfast buffet with freshly baked cookies, donuts, cakes, bread, jams, fruit juices, yogurt, fruits and other desserts, all strictly homemade.

Every day for lunch and dinner we offer the choice of two menus based on meat and fish, to satisfy everybody. You can always eat in abundance and then delight yourself with desserts like panna cotta with various fillings, chocolate cakes, pies and the typical delicious donuts of Romagna, prepared by our chef Carla with local ingredients, fresh and absolutely genuine. On Saturday night we offer a classic evening with a traditional menu and every Sunday we delight our guests with an aperitif on the veranda.

We care for the children, so we always offer suitable menus.

In the restaurant of Hotel Sammaritani you will always find ultra-fresh local products, exclusively of great quality, for an healthy stay. Every day we prepare everything at the moment and in the best conditions of hygiene and food safety, with all the enthusiasm that distinguishes us and that we bring to the table: it is an ethical and cultural challenge with a precise mission, that of rediscovering the authentic flavors of the territory by promoting a lifestyle that can help our beautiful planet.

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